Judith Monteith‑Farrell MPP, Thunder Bay–Atikokan

Government of Ontario

Safer Highways - Prevent tragedies in the north

I am calling on the government to save lives in Northwestern Ontario by taking immediate action to prevent tragedies on our highways and roadways. 

Northern drivers, families, and truck drivers are calling on Doug Ford to make our highways and roadways safer. Too many people have lost their loved ones on our roads. There has been too much pain and suffering. The Ford government must act now to protect families and drivers on northern highways and prevent any more tragedies this winter.

The NDP put forward a bill more than three years ago that would have increased highway safety by ensuring that highways 17 and 11 are cleared of snow within eight hours of a snowfall. The government should have acted then and I am calling on them to finally act now.

Safe roadways will take more than increased winter maintenance. Increased and improved commercial driver training and licensing with particular emphasis on safe winter operation, and increased OPP inspections on commercial vehicles to ensure they are being operated safely by qualified drivers are also necessary. 


Sign here to call on the Ford government to act NOW to improve highway safety in the north.


WHEREAS Northern Ontario has some of the highest rates of per capita highway fatalities involving commercial vehicles; and

WHEREAS we need urgent action from the provincial government to save lives in the North;

THEREFORE WE, the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to take immediate action and take all measures necessary including improved and increased commercial driver training and licensing that includes specific winter operational training to improve roadway safety in the north. 


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