Judith Monteith‑Farrell MPP, Thunder Bay–Atikokan

Government of Ontario

Ford must stop ignoring Thunder Bay, declare hotspot, send help now

Published on March 12, 2021

THUNDER BAY -  As cases rose to a record-breaking 82 new cases in a single day in Thunder Bay, MPP Judith Monteith-Farrell (Thunder Bay – Atikokan) said Doug Ford must declare Thunder Bay a hot spot and send the resources needed to end the crisis now.

 In the last 7 days, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit region has an incidence rate of 301.55 cases per 100,000 - the highest rate in Ontario - more than double the incidence rate reported by Toronto Public Health. 

 “Our community needs help to end the lockdown, get kids safely back in school, and save lives,” said Monteith-Farrell. “Our cases of COVID are higher than ever before and the Ford government is just not doing enough to address Thunder Bay’s crisis. 

 “When we called for more support, the Minister of Health responded by wrongly claiming Thunder Bay’s number had gone down and said "the number of cases has gone down...so the plan is clearly working."

The Minister is wrong, and she needs to take the needs of Thunder Bay more seriously.

 The government must declare Thunder Bay a hot spot and send us the resources we so desperately need to end this crisis.”