Judith Monteith‑Farrell MPP, Thunder Bay–Atikokan

Government of Ontario

Ford continues to fail Thunder Bay during COVID emergency

Published on March 10, 2021

THUNDER BAY – Despite having the highest per capita case incidence of COVID-19 in the province, the Ford government is still refusing to provide Thunder Bay with the public health resources it needs to deal with its COVID emergency, said Judith Monteith-Farrell, NDP MPP for Thunder Bay – Atikokan.


“Thunder Bay has been under a state of emergency for weeks.  We have per capita more than double the new cases of COVID-19 that anywhere else in Ontario.  Our medical officer says COVID is basically everywhere. Yet the Ford government has chosen to turn a blind eye to Thunder Bay.  We are the only place in Ontario where schools are closed, we need more help.


As the virus spreads, we have been excluded from receiving vaccines in pilot projects and we are not considered a hot zone, which means this government still won’t send us the resources we need to contain the spread.


This government hasn’t done enough and they are ignoring Thunder Bay. They must do more immediately to end this crisis.